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iPhone 8 will Blow your DREAMS

by YouTech

Posted on : Thursday, 7th September 17 , 04:52 AM

iphone 8

From years apple has delivered their customers super cool design and performance.
And for that there is not any argue with that apple has the biggest fan base.
So, what is the next big thing apple fan boys are gonna get in their next smartphone?

iphone 8

Biggest Change in iPhone's History

So, as you guys know it’s the tenth anniversary of iPhone. So, there will be few big changes what iPhone 8 is gonna have.
Like first of all the infinity display.
Yea! At first LG G6 and then Galaxy S8 now iPhone 8.
Seriously, you have to admit this this is the future.
It looks so cool and awesome. And I know there is guys out there who are gonna say apple copied Samsung. But hey, there is not any copyright on this display, This thing looks cool this is more amazing than a regular square display so it’s the future of smartphone.

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3D Face Mapping

In iphone 8 apple is going to increase the front facing camera and why is that?
Because apple is going to introduce a 3D mapping system for face recognition. Yea galaxy s8 introduced that but everyone knows what happened.

iphone 8

☼ Release Date: Mid September