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iPhone X contains Two Batteries - iPhone X Teardown 😨

by YouTech

Posted on : Friday, 3rd November 17 , 02:05 PM

iPhone X - inside the phone.

Apple's hugely waited smartphone of the year is out now. the iPhone X has finally arrived at the stores and if you're willing to spend thousands of bucks on this phone. You should know more about this phone. The phone does come with an outstanding design it self; It's very unique. So, what else is unique in this beast?
Yea, Although it has just been a few hours past the launch date, Chinese experts have already managed to successfully crack open the latest iPhone. But iFixit tear down is not out yet but it's gonna be in anytime because iFixit has uploaded several high quality images of their tear down of the new iPhone X.

Here is the Tear Down Video.

Seriously I've no clue what they said in this video. We should probably hire some Chinese employees for xynes because now a days it's so much Chinese stuffs out there and we can't tear down these. So, let's wait for the iFIxit tear down video.

Dual Back Camera.

Two Cameras are Connected by two different stings.

The brand new A11 Chip.

List of items in iPhone X.

Apple APL1W72 A11 Bionic SoC layered over SK Hynix H9HKNNNDBMAUUR 3 GB LPDDR4x RAM

Apple 338S00341-B1

TI 78AVZ81

NXP 1612A1—Likely an iteration of the 1610 tristar IC

Apple 338S00248 audio codec


Apple 338S00306 power management IC

Apple USI 170821 339S00397 WiFi / Bluetooth module

Qualcomm WTR5975 gigabit LTE transceiver

Qualcomm MDM9655 Snapdragon X16 LTE modem and PMD9655 PMIC

Skyworks 78140-22 power amplifier, SKY77366-17 power amplifier, S770 6662, 3760 5418 1736

Broadcom BCM15951 touch controller

NXP 80V18 PN80V NFC controller module

Broadcom AFEM-8072, MMMB power amplifier module

Toshiba TSB3234X68354TWNA1 64 GB flash memory

Apple/Cirrus Logic 338S00296 audio amplifier