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iPhone X with bezel-less AMOLED screen

by YouTech

Posted on : Wednesday, 13th September 17 , 05:11 AM

iPhone X Full Specification

After 10 years of it's launch, How Far it came?

- Well it do came pretty far. iPhone still means the newest technology,
iPhone still means stunning design,
iPhone still means the best camera phone,
iPhone still means the most powerful device.

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 + and iPhone X

I don't know why they've launched the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus model. because they're just another iPhone 7 and 7 Plus clone. Honestly it's like facebook mobile app's new update, you can't really see the difference.

But what is pretty dope here, is the iPhone X. All the concept from our channel You Tech turns out 100% legit.

Here's a video from us about iPhone X

And Here is the product video of iPhone X

literally you can't see any difference!

iPhone X Looks awesome.
The bezels that are so familiar to Apple buyers have melted away, leading to an odd shoreline up north – the selfie camera, earpiece and several new sensors live there. They enable FaceID, the replacement of TouchID (there's no fingerprint reader on the iPhone X at all!).

And this things made iPhone X special

To unlock the phone, the you need to pay attention to the phone.
I mean you really need to look at the phone.
Otherwise face id won't work. And this AI is so advanced that it can't be fooled buy and imaage.

Not only that Face iD can't Even fooled by A 3D mask.