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Xiaomi is Launching Mi TV with Redmi Note 5 in India on 14th February

by YouTech

Posted on : Thursday, 1st March 18 , 10:27 AM

mi tv 4

Xiaomi to launch Mi's flagship Mi TV 4 on 14th February 12 Noon - valentine's day in India

          - Xiaomi will be launching the Mi TV 4 in Indian on February 14. The tv announcement will be made on the event with the Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro announcement.

Here is a little clue in this video posted by Xiaomi India

mi tv 4

This TV from Xiaomi is true piece of beauty.

          - This TV from xiaomi is not just a beautiful TV but this what Indian TV market is eagerly waiting. There is not really any competition for the TV market in India. But this brilliant 65" UltaHD SmartTv will definitely catch the eye of Indian consumer. Mi TV 4 was announced at CES last year and is anything but new. However, to the Indian market, this will be a brand new series of products from Xiaomi as this will be its first television from the company since it set up shop in India.

Both Xiaomi and Flipkart are teasing the product on their website and social media. For now we are not sure what sizes the TV will be available in India and, of course, what the pricing will be like. Knowing Xiaomi and considering it waited an entire year to launch this product in India, the price is likely going to be exceptionally low for a television in its class and will likely cause some sleepless nights for the established players in the market.

Official Specifications of Xiaomi Mi TV 4 - click here.